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Hannah Blake does more than make dicks rise: she can deadlift 200 lbs., and lift spirits with her love of spirituality. This sassy straight-talker from Southend On Sea calls it like she sees it, and with a solid interest in MMA, can back it all up. Confrontation seems to elude Ms. Blake, however, as most potential adversaries submit to her once they sees her big 34D tits, and her ability to fit her entire hand in her mouth! When she isn't training her body, Hannah likes to travel and party, cook, and sing karaoke. Tough, no-nonsense, and ridiculously good looking, Hannah Blake is one of the most exciting pornstars in recent memory!
  • Date of Birth: July 20th, 1995
  • Hair Color:N/A
  • Body Art:N/A
  • Birth Place: Southend On Sea
  • Body Type:N/A
  • Butt Type:N/A
  • Height: 5' 6"
  • Boob Type: N/A
  • Pussy Hair:N/A
  • Measurements: 34D
  • Ethnicity:N/A

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