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Raven-haired Czech stunner Sofia chose the unusual moniker "Sofia The Bum" not because she enjoys bumming around on beaches lazing the day away, but to draw your attention to her perfect posterior! In fact, Sofia is an ambitious and driven babe who spends most days hitting the gym to pump up her gorgeous bubble booty, jet-setting around Europe's biggest cities as a model, and taking the lead as she dominantly fucks every dick she wants. With her long, black hair and sparkling blue eyes, Sofia will attract your attention coming down the street, and that big ass jiggling will make your jaw drop as you watch her walk away.
  • Date of Birth: June 8th, 1996
  • Height: 5' 4"
  • Birth Place: Trutnov, Czech Republic
  • Measurements: 33B
  • Boob Type: N/A

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